Save the Children

Yesterday my good buddy Christine Kanownik and I were (somehow) allowed to guest lecture in our friend’s Women in the Creative Arts class at Brooklyn College. We lectured about some American Poetesses, and we named our lecture Iconic Figures: Women in American Poetry, or WOMYN. It was all very Grandma Moses.

Some Inspiring Visual Excerpts from the Powerpoint constructed by Ms. Kanownik:

“Battle Hymn of the Republic”: written by a lady!

“Emily Dickinson in a Factory with Ezra Pound on a Leash” and “Emily Dickinson with Dogs Playing Poker” by co-buddy Paul Legault

This lady does erasures and things of Emily Dickinson with thread! Her name is Jen Bervin and her book is Nets.

We also did a bit of this.

And this.

And, sigh, this.

Then class became over, successfully proving to everyone once again that Poetry ended sometime in the 1960’s, and that the female brain can’t conceptualize the passage of time, because our skulls are too soft.

Best American Cutest Cranky Grandma 2011 Gwendolyn Brooks concurs (but does not object), and furthermore thinks you should all be ashamed of yourself and your sexual jazz music.

I think it’s pretty nice to teach adults.


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