The Real World/Road Rules

1) Mongolian babies are indeed the cutest babies.

2) Mutton is pretty good, but not always on spaghetti.

3) There are 3 “y’s” in the Cyrillic alphabet, and none of them sound like a y.

4) The Morin Khuur makes all of us cry.

5) The reason why it feels like I’m perpetually on a boat is because I’m dehydrated.

6) Having exceptionally lurid sex dreams about your co-trainees is nothing to be ashamed of.

7) I’m going to get a vicious yard dog to guard my ger and I’m going to name it Jessica Madison.




2 thoughts on “The Real World/Road Rules

  1. Are you planning on learning to play the Morin Khuur? Wikipedia says, “It produces a sound which is poetically described as expansive and unrestrained, like a wild horse neighing, or like a breeze in the grasslands.” What could be more lyrical?

  2. You better teach that guard dog how to play a Morin Khuur to throw intruders into weeping so the dog can maintain his/her role as Pacifist Guard Dog.

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