Introducing the dark inner workings of the Mongolian 13 year old.
Non Sequiturs ahoy!

“I will study at Harword.
Mongolia is will be 30,000 very much.
The world will be no water.
I love world and Mongolia.”

“I will speak like Jessica.
And Anna Sui makes fragrance. It’s very nice.
Today is!”

“Are you reading Secret? I’m forgot it’s writers.”
(ed: please lord let her not be talking about what I think she’s talking about.)

“Sports and Sportsman.
Sports, it is great.”

“I domesticate a fish.
I have many fish.
But I want domesticate a fish.”

(I have entitled this one, “Also”)
“I love animals. If I was animal, I will eat grass.
Because I can’t eat grass.
Grass is green and bitter but I’m person.
I will eat grass when pigs fly.
So, I don’t like grass, but grass is very nice.
Also, Laugh makes me happy, but Cry makes me sad.”

“My love boy. My love boy name is Amargabat. ❤ He is 15 years old. He is very best boy. So very cute boy. We broke up with after 7 month. We first met. I tried to forget him but I couldn't. I decided to wait for him. I'm still waiting for him…What should I do? Can you give me some advice Jessica please???? THIS IS MY DREAM."

And scene.


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