Fuck it: The Literalist Poems

Because there’s no way I’m going to bother to do anything with these before I leave.

The Literalist Poems
written by me: Jessica Madison

A Manifesto is something you put at the beginning so you can tell everyone.

Halloween was such a long time ago, and yet, not that long ago.

3)The Sun:.
The sun will not die for at least a while.

4)I’m so sorry:
I’m really sorry.

At least we’re better than He is.

6)Halloween 2:
Halloween was about five months ago, both a long and a short time.

You guys Presbyterian?

8)Chicken Soup:
When there’s chicken in that soup, it’s chicken soup.

9)The Rain:
I hate that rain.

10)Note to Jessica:
This is a note to say that I went to the coffee shop.

11)The Note:
It’s nice to get a note.

12)I’m trying to move this person:
Excuse me. Could you move?

14)All Natural:
That means it actually happened.

15)Chicken Soup 2:
There’s chicken in that soup.

16)Man Hats:
I’d say we’ve seen five so far.

17)Dear God:
I agree with everything you’ve been saying.

Means it actually happened.

Except for…

That’s blood!

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