The Inevitable Decline of Food/Sex/Poop


3 Joys of Pet Ownership in a Developing Nation

-chopping up a mountain of frozen goat meat and sorting it into “cat” and “human” piles. realizing these piles are entirely arbitrary and that the only difference is that the human pile will eventually have ketchup on it.

-hiding your cat in the bathroom when your counterparts come over. commenting on the indignant yowls happening in the background by saying “cat is angry” in two broken languages.

-realizing your cat has been rooting through the used toilet paper bin. realizing too late.

I don’t know if y’all heard about me…

…but today I was at long last invited by Ye Olde Peace Corps’s to join them in a twenty-seven month Mongolian Engagement.

This means that this blog is about to get Real Differn’t Real Soon.

Now begins the Last Days of America for me.

The Next Two Months: